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Sir Sapo


Hey guys, hows it going?

I didn't get much actual programming work done today, because I was trying to discover why Angels 20 takes up so much RAM. The thing sucks up over 200MB of RAM, and I dont know what is taking up so much damn space. I loaded my textures seperately once to see how much they take up, and it is about 40MB, which means that something that is loaded when the level loads is taking up a huge amount of space. I thought I had solved it, but all I did was eliminate some memory leaks, which didn't solve the problem. I really have to solve this, or else 90% of the people who download A20 wont be able to play it.

In other news, I finished programming the Weapon class in my 4E4 project. It pretty cool, you specify the weapons variables (such as accuracy and firepower), and then you give it a image of the weapon, which is displayed at the top of the screen if the weapon is equipped.

Speaking of weapons, I think I have stumbled upon a good difficulty setting thing when I was thinking about what weapons I want in the game. I think instead of making the enemies smarter, or harder hitting, I'm going to change the starting weapon for the player depending on the difficulty. Right now, the scheme I have is:

Easy: P90 (I love stargate)
Medium: M4
OMFG mode: Knife

As I said in a earlier post, I think I will have the player's ammo and health reset at the beginning of every level (the story will explain why), so the diffiulty level will effect what your default weapon will be at the start of every level. In addition to weapons you bring with you, you can pick up "era" weapons when you go to other times. The current "era" weapons I can think of are:


Gunpowder Grenade

Baseball Bat
.44 Magnum (cant have a zombie game without one of these)

Laser Cutter
Laser Pistol
Sniper Laser
Assault Laser

I cant wait to get into the content creation phase of the game, so that I can start making these cool weapons.

Anyways, I went flying yesterday for the first time in weeks. It was really fun, and I did better than I expected, 3 out of 4 crosswind landings were those nice soft ones you see in the movies, but the fourth... let's not go there.

Well, hopefully I'll have a fresh screenshot for you guys next time.

?? ????????!!!
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Sounds to me like you are accidentally loading your textures into memory more than once. Could be a number of bizarre and wonderful bugs though :-D

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Alright, I reduced the memory usage to 130MB, still excessive, but not nearly as bad as 230MB. Turns out I was creating new particle emmitters inside other classes without deleting their past instances first (ukdm wins the daily dollar). I went through the entire program, and placed deletes before all the news, but I am still pretty high, I'm sure there something else left.

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