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Vacation & GED

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So, I found out that I get to go to Florida in a couple weeks. I'll be there for a week or two, but I'll still be active (I'm taking my computer.) Hopefully I can get some of my entry done while I'm down there.

Well, I'm signed up to go take GED courses and tests in September. I'd have my diploma right now, but I've been homeschooling for 5 years, so I have to get a GED to get into college. Once I have that, I'll start my courses at Westwood Online.
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Hey, I'm going to Florida too. I'll be going to Jacksonville, my birthplace.

But I can't bring my pc :)

We've got most of our family down there if you're wondering.

What part are you headed to?

And do you really want a job in the game industry?

Original quote from Westwood Online Commercial
Can you believe we get paid for playing gaems!1!1111???one!11


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LOL, that commercial makes me laugh every time I see it. BTW I lived at Naval Air Station Jacksonville for 3 years, nice place as I recall.

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I'm heading to Tavares, my Grandpa lives there. Ask my mom, I complain about that commercial everytime it comes on (WTF!? They make it sound so easy! Like "hey, watch me make this complete game while I'm putting on my shoes."))

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