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Pay attention soldiers.
I'm going to quiz you guys this time.
Just choose your answer and reply here, and I'll post the results tomorrow

Who is the best dancer in the world?
A. Pouya
B. Your mom
C. Katya Kavenskaya
D. Karnov
E. Benji
F. That guy in TV (I forgot his name, but he won some dance championship)
G. Ronald Penton
H. Tatiana Navka
I. Omar Ben Loud-in
J. Albena Denkova
K. Hanna
L. The fat guy in the numa-numa movie (thanks Laz)
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Deffinately the fat guy dancing to Dragostea Din Tei! Not sure if it sad that I know the proper title...<.<; Anyhow...deffinately that guy. xD

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