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Well, I don't have any nifty pictures to show tonight as most of the work I did is all on the server side in the back end.

I finished coding the game states into the player handler up to the main game handler, which will be completed later.

Then I went and created the Account class, the tables to hold the data in MySQL and the accessor class for it. I then went and added an Account EntityId tracker in my entityid class.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but it was a good ~3 to ~3.5 hours of coding and database stuff.

What I'm planning on is having most of the account and player entity handling coded in by friday, so I can see how far I can get the client over the weekend. I've been reading a bunch of stuff on torque scripting at work during the lulls, and I've learned a lot about it.

I'm hoping by sunday sometime I will be able to connect to my server, log in, select my character (that I created from the client) and fly my little ship around in circles. Thats the milestone I want to hit by sunday.
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Sounds like quite a bit to get done in three days :)

Hope you reach your milestone, good luck...

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Not really. I've got most of the account handling code finished, Ive got the networking code finished (needs testing) up to the actual game state.

The character creation code won't be that involved initially.

The only thing I need to play around with is to figure out how to instantiate scripted objects into the T2D script side from C++. If I can't figure out how to do that in a reasonably short time (a couple hours) I will just create a bunch of callback functions in the script side and do it that way. Which might be the way I should do it anyway.

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