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Angels 20, its the shit!

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Sir Sapo


Hello everyone, I have great news.

After an exhaustive discussion about pointers and whatnot in the For Beginners forum, I discovered what was eating up so much memory when Angels 20 was run.

Turns out, I didn't know half as much as I thought about pointers. The big thing with A20 that was sucking up memory was the fact that I was not deleting old pointers before making new ones. By fixing that, I cut the memory requirements in half from 230MB to about 130MB. After I got done with that, I went through my older code and realized that I was creating the maximum number of flak objects for a map, but only using a small percentage of them. That fix cut it down to about 100MB. Then I realized I was doing that all over the place, so I got to work deleting pointers and whatnot. In the end I came out to about 40MB with the full level loaded with textures and sound effects.

I am so happy about this, it really renewed my weaning interest in finishing A20. Before now I was always thinking in the back of my head: "It doesn't matter if I finish this game or not, no one will be able to play it but you on your uber-machine". Tomorrow, I plan on fixing up my level editor so that its a bit more user friendly, and Mark and I can start efficiently pumping out the levels for our single player campaign.

I didn't do anything on my 4E4 project today, because I spent so much time improving A20. The only really big things I need to pu in my 4E4 engine are the monster generators and the enemies with smart AI. I think I will have each monster generator object contain an array of Enemy objects that it can spawn and then just run all the Enemy updates through a function in the generator class.

Well, its pretty damn late here, so I'm gonna go to bed.

Don't Forget To Try the New Angels 20 Version
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Heya there... As much as I thought I wouldn't like it from the screenshots that I saw, I did, in fact, actually enjoy it; a lot!

A good game you've got here :). Can't wait to play the final version..

One thing I noticed... maybe 3 / 5 times I played, when i took off from the carrier, the plane went at about 2x the speed it normally does. That was the only time though.. Maybe I was pressing the wrong button or something..

Bottom line, I enjoyed :).

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Thanks for the reply, and the praise (always helps speed up the development process). Thanks for the bug report, I think I know what caused that.

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Gotta play the new version... but DAMN DUDE! People have been downloading the new version of Angels like crazy!

*"Ouch Ouch" says my asteroids game as he is beaten by Angels repeatedly.*

I'll play it some time this weekend and let you know what I think.

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Thanks, I dont know why, but its flying off the shelf like hotcakes, not that I'm complaining[wink]. My best guess is the cool title screen art my friend did, it looks pretty good and is a big draw IMHO.

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