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HDRI Starfield part II

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This is more or less the final version of my first starfield:

I'm pretty happy with it now. It is composed of 4 main layers, similar to the one i posted in my previous post. I still have to fit in some dark clouds and to make the parameters dependant on an input table, but the code is pretty much done.

The next step is to create a separate thread to calculate the textures, to use a disk cache (to avoid regenerating them every time), and maybe to add a kind of additional glow/lens effect to the very bright stars.
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That's one of the most realistic starfields I have ever seen. Nicely done.

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And soon...every one of those star systems will be under my rule! Mine! Mine! MINE!!!

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Glad you like it :) The art of Greg Martin has been a good source of inspiration. I think i've got something pretty close to his end result except.. it's computer generated (as opposed to artist generated).

Now i'm working on fixing the cube map seams.

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