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Testing Day 3

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So day3 of testing went well.

Map4 Bug

Apparently Seriema's bug was indeed valid, I mispelled a variable name in one of the script functions on map4.

This is of course the only reason (IMO) why implcit variables suck, since if explicit declarations were neccisary it would have told me that $lphalpien was not declared, wherein $lphaliphen was =)

This bug was caused by my lazyness =D,
Before release I noticed a few issues I wanted to clean up and set about to do it. However I did not test all of these changes, and this one bit me in the butt =D

Naturally, this is an iron clad rule of development, and I am normaly good at following it, however I guess I was a little tired that day =D

Needless to say, this bug has been fixed, and the fix distributed to the testers =)

The Quit Bug

After some more testing, Seriema and I determined that the quit bug is being caused by somthing in the configuration dialog.

This dialog is made by CreateDialogIndirectParam, using an in-memory made template (evil). I am very unexperienced with dialogs and such, so I do not doubt this to be a valid reason.

It sounds like perhaps somthing is being left resident from the dialog and causing the process not to terminate. But I am unsure exactly what that could be at the moment =D

The Longest Test

Last night MW witnessed the longest test from ShoeStringGames,
They played for about three hours, and with some guidance from me (would have taken longer otherwise, due to proper exploration and all), they managed to find several (four i think) artifacts, and level about 6 times, as well as aquiring new runes (from purification) to make better spells, and getting better items to increase stats =D

All in all it was great, the gameplay seems to be going as we planned, and so far nothing has been too problematic. Durring this 3 hour test, not one showstopper bug killed the party =D
And most other comments were for added features, such as Mana Trickle Charge while near the well, which we are going to do =D

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Just currious, if one were interested in helping with testing, how would one go about this?

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There are lots of people who are interested in testing MW at the moment.

While we could make it an 'open' beta, it would likely ruin the experience for most people, since encountering bugs doesnt make for a good game dynamic =)

All of our testers are hand picked, by me, usualy based on thier interest with the project and thier relevent background.

I have a general recolection of everyone who wants to test MW, but it is likely that most people won't get to, and will have to wait for the demo, and purchase the full game.

The last beta session saw these people testing:

and a few others...

This session so far has only two GDNet testers,
there are likely to be more once we reach beta version 3.0 (2.0 right now)


Chances are if somone wanted to test it bad enough, and worked at me long enough, I would let them test it.

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Hey, my computer finally died. The harddrive started making some sounds and then the power source gave up. I'm thinking of getting a new one, but it might be useless since I'm getting about three 100 hour work weeks coming up soon. We'll see. Sorry about that and I hope the testing in MW goes well. If I manage to get a new computer before you guys finish the testing, I'll gladly contribute any support I can give on it...

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Guess that means we now have an option position, hmm.

*looks through the crowd*

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>> Guess that means we now have an option position, hmm.


>cough< >cough<

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