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## ...and thus, it has become...

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So I was working on creating a smiley out of calendar dots on right right. Was gong to post on Monday the 18th, Friday the 22nd, and the following Tuesday thru Thursday, which would create a smiley. However I decided to not do that because I did some work on Lazteroids 2 that deemed worthy of a journal entry. Maybe next month the smiley will live.

I finally got the control in Lazteroids 2 around where I want it. Needs some little tweaking but it works. It's simple sliding, but i've spent time wrestling around different control ideas (since my first idea wasn't going to logically work). It took me a while with some minor code rewrites and lots of headaches (Hey, I'm an amateur game programmer, simple sliding may be easy for you, but takes me quite a bit of thinking).

So last night I finally got it, with Brad's help. And here is the build if anyone cares (though I know no one does, it's just a flying rock). Though, if someone does download it, the accelerate key is W, and exit is Alt-F4. Full screen mode breaks the matrix, so run in windowed mode. Please tell me what frame rate you're getting.

For those of you who DON'T want to download it, here's a screenshot (Only 13fps on this shot because it's my crappy work computer):

(Right click for bigger image)

Personally, I think it's on par, if not better, than Dan Greene's (Radioactive-Software) game, "Gang War." His is in 3D, Mine is in 3D. He has models, I have models. He has movement, I have movement. But you know what I have that he doesn't? 150 rocks. Thus, mine is better. :P

In all seriousness, go look at his awesome creation. I'm impressed! He is a staple of what we would all like do become. Able to create such an impressive game, alone. One day.... one day I will be there. Until the.... ROCKS AHOY!
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150 Rocks.. does that convert into 45 Van Halens, 33 Def Leppards, 23 Ozzy Osbournes, 17 Motley Crues, 15 Iron Maidens, 8 Whitesnakes, 5 Robert Plants, 3 Asias and 1 Pat Boone? Or are you using a different scale?

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Similar scale, however I'm using 15 Judas Priests, 8 Iron Maidens, 5 Robert Plants and 4 Pink Floyd's.

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Very nice, if I'd have known you were using the Prog Rock Inclusive Set I'd have shifted the balance to include 10 Rushes.

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I couldn't find a place to include any Iron Butterflys, unfortunately

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