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Good news everyone!

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Framebuffer object has arrived on ATI hardware!

The Cat5.7 drivers released today have offical support for the FBO extension, so I'm pretty happy about that [smile]

However, on the downside ATI currently dont support multi-render targets with GLSL which is a bit of a bugger as I was working on a GLSL-MRT example for More OpenGL Game Programming.

So, I have a choice;
- Rip out the MRT-GLSL code as I cant really test it
- Trust in the force, fake the screen shots and note that it currently doesnt work on all hardware.
- Get an NV40 based card and test it in Linux to make sure it work

I'm currently favouring option 2, the basic system is pretty simple to handle if you know what you are doing, its just a case of not being able to write to multiple buffers.

Ofcourse, Option 3 appeals to my 'oooo shiney hardware' side, but I'm not sure I can justify the cost of it, what with having no job and all that [wink]

Anyways, time to go finish up this chapter, the deadline has already made a nice wooooshing sound as it went past, however as I currently havent received my copy of the contract back its not enforcable and I've got a bit of time to tinker [grin]
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My vote is for option 3 - then again I primarily use linux so i'm being a bit selfish [wink]. I suppose you could ask a few people to try the demo out for you though.

Anyways, hope the work is coming along nicely - I liked the first book and am eagerly awaiting the next one.

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