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Alright, tonight I'm going to fix the last of it. The turret code has been pissing me off percilessly. I've fixed the major problem. Just one tiny flaw ahead...

So when that's done, it's time to construct the mainframe of the program. I don't think it will give me too much trouble, but maybe I'm speaking too soon. It's gonna be pretty easy I think. 'int's are the enemy, 'bool's are the friend. That's what the level code is. Bools. And making use of those 35 pages of graph paper I made all of those lines on...

So that's going to be sweet. Bruckner is getting frustrated cause I havn't yet given you his daily dose. Well, here it is, even though I picked it up yesterday and the next one is already done:

Pretty sweet, eh? His name is Spector, named after a friend-o-mine. So he's awesome. The next one apparently looks really sweet. Oh, and Bruckner, your next assignment is more enemies that I didn't mention last time. A couple of shots of a mech and some other stuff too. You'll see :-)

Hmm, there was something else I wanted to write, but I don't even remember. I've been trying to catch up with everyone else out there, but Journal Land's population is growing quickly.

Again soon!

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'int's are the enemy, 'bool's are the friend. That's what the level code is. Bools.

How does that work? How can you have more than 1 type of tile if the object can only be true or false? I'm probably overlooking something or misread your entry, but I'm curious anyway.

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No, by level structure I mean the code that decides what level it is currently and what to do while it is that level.


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Lol, I don't think I ever pointed out exactly what I was talking about, so your misconception is perfectly understandable.


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