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Ok, I'm still on schedule.
Tonight I :

Finished coding the Account class.
I coded the AccountDB class that keeps track of them while the server is running.
I coded the Character class. More will need to be added later, but I got the barebones of whats needed to meet my weekend goal.
I coded the CharacterDB class that keeps track of chars while they are logged in.
I made both the Account and Character classes MySQL aware, so they now can load and save themselves to and from the database.
I made both of the database classes capable of loading themselves from MySQL, instantiating the classes they hold as they do it.

Not bad for ~3 hours work.

Tommorow night being friday I need to finish up writing the protocol to allow a client to sign on, create a character and enter the game. Then Saturday I will add commands to the client to allow the character to move around.

It's nice to be able to look at your journal and see the progress you are making. Sometimes when you are just coding you lose sight of what you have done, and it gets discouraging or overwhelming.
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