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Integer arrays

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I have a headache...

I am now calling my scripting language A2 ("A squared") after my city. It now supports integer arrays which can be used in the following ways:

int x[expression;]; // Creates an integer array of size determined by expression.
int x[expression;] = {expression; ...}; // Creates an array as above but sets each value with expressions
int x[expression;] = integer array; // Creates an array from another array.
int x[expression;] = function (internal or external) that returns an integer array;
x[expression;] = integer expression;
x = {expression; expression; ...}; // Array elements can be redefined all at once.
int y = x[expression;];
print x; // Example 5 3 77 4 3
print x[expression;]; // Prints a single element

Arrays can be passed as parameters and return types by declaring a function like so:

function int[] flable (int Array1[], int Array2[]);

Memory is managed and element access is range checked.

I hope to have a first version up by next week. Next I'll need to refactor my function parsing class. There are some redundant operations in there and it's getting too big for a single source file. Hopefully the other types will go in faster now that I have a basic framework working for data types. We will see.
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