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Cool Stuff...

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

First of all, thanks to everyone that downloaded the new version of Angels 20, It jumped up almost 100 downloads since last night[grin]. Anyway, I spent a lot of time going through the feedback I got, and trying to fix some of it. So far , I haven't gotten any bad comments (unlike last time I tried this), the only thing that people seem to be having trouble with is learning the controls, so I added a controls splash screen before the game starts.

The big thing that I did today was modify some textures, and reconfigure the texture manager to be able to load textures from different folders. Mark and I are planning on making the game span at least 3 continents, so we needed a way to load up some alternative textures depending on where the level takes place, which is now found inside my level format. So far we know for certain that we want our Island tileset, and a Tundra/Snowy tileset. I want the last one to be a city setting, with distant building in the background, and tall building to dodge, but it's all up to Mark, because I guess sitting on your ass and drawing stuff is really hard[wink]. The cool thing about this, is that we can have different textures for the player's fighter, which means we can have a camo fighter for the Jungle, a Snowy fighter for the Tundra, etc. Expect some examples of this soon.

Speaking of levels, I modified my editor to accomadate the new file format, and I got all of it's functionality done, now I just have to make it 'pretty'. Another returning comment in the feedback I got was the difficulty of the demo level, so I made a little level that consists of about 5 islands of increasing difficulty(ie. first has a jeep, second has a jeep and a light flak turret, etc, etc). I'll include it in my next update which will probably come next week sometime.

Mark the artist has been pretty busy lately, so when he has time, he works on the Dogfight textures, and doesn't waste time writing up Artist Comments. So in order to fill in the extra space usually filled by his overexaggerated journal entries, I put this little collage of some of the completed airplanes for the Multiplayer Angels 20. And here it is:

As you probably can notice, the detail on these planes are greater than those of Angels 20. We increased the dimensions of the texture to allow planes of all sizes to fit, and still be to scale with the others.

Speaking of Dogfight Online, I haven't really been messing with that, although when I have time I'll probably go rewrite alot of it since I had beenabusing my pointer priviledges in A20, and I probably did it there too. I also need to learn how to limit the amount of data the server sends each second. I'll probably just set the server to send data every 1/5th of a second, have the client try and recieve data all the time, but when data doesn't come through, I'll have it run updates on all the airplanes based on the last data the server sent it. Hopefully this will work, and I can get the demo out there and play it with some of you guys.

Here's the random thought of the day. Has anyone seen the previews for that movie 'Stealth'? I honestly think it is gonna suck, but I'm a stickler for realism in airplane movies. But did you guys see how similar the fighter for Angels 20 and the human flown fighters in the movie look? It's almost uncanny from the '3D model' I have had in my mind for months before the movie previews started. Wierd.

Anyways, I've gotta go, I'll talk to you guys later.

Don't Forget To Try the New Angels 20 Version
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I tried the game again. It's looking good! The only problem I have right now is that the "R" key causes the game to crash on my computer (NVIDIA 6800 GT ULTRA with a cherry on top) Could be the cherry. Not sure.

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Yeah, its allergic to cherries, you're out of luck. I've been having that problem too, but only sometimes. I'm not quite sure what triggers it though. At least it crashes on exit, not start.

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