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The Incredible Edible Cow

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Meet Supersize our suicidal highly edible cow. This image was created in Inkscape so I could try out the whole resolution independent redering thing. Unfortunately working with Inkscape seems a lot harder than I thought it would be, even for something as cartoonish as this. Well there are other things I can work on for now. I can work on those until the next version of Inkscape, 0.42, comes out, which should be soon. Or I might generate some raster images and see how well the bitmap conversion works.

I haven't decided what the player's avatar shoud look like yet. I'm thinking something much smaller than Supersize.

Another problem is to see how far the cow can go in getting herself eaten and still making it children friendly. I mean a cow trying to feed herself into a meat grinder might be ok if she never succeeds, but the the game would lose some play value. Then again, I think that animating the cow going in and coming out as hamburger would be fun.

Anyone with little kids have any idea how they would react to a cute cuddly cow working he way through a Rube-Goldberg assembly line that gradually shapes her into a roast beef sandwich?

Maybe I should have the final food product sprout eyes and turn back into the cow if no one comes along and eats her.
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This is a nice idea. Having kids myself, I think if the graphics stay cute/funny and unscary, then there should be no worries of giving them nightmares :)

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Nightmares smitemares, children have to learn the horrors of processed food at some point in their life. I say make it as realistic as possible, but with the cutest graphics possible. Depending on the age range of the child, this could end up scoring more points as well. You could also have a reincarnation theme if the cow does die, have the player come back to life as a vegtable that gets eaten by a cow for example. Ah, the circle of life.

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True DecipherOne, but it's a pain in the ass when they're up all night (and sometimes over several nights) with nightmares - even although they know they're not real.

Anyway, still sounds like a good game :)

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