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Job woes

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I made a post a short while ago about landing a job. I should have clarified, it wasn't an advertising agency, it was doing advertising work for a small chain of New York fitness clubs. However, the owner (a greasy 40 year old guido) has turned out to be the most uninitiative, uncoordinated, unhelpful, and incapable person I've had to deal with. As of now I've formally concluded I'm no longer working for him, based on the fact that the last e-mail he sent me was over a month ago.

I was supposed to redesign his entire website as a starting project - when I met with him, he showed me a bunch of hotel sites he really liked and told me he wanted something on par with them. No big deal - but that's all he told me. For the next few weeks I scrambled trying to get information from him on exactly what I'm supposed to put on the website. His replies consisted of "I'll send you some photos of the place to fill it with" or "Can you push the logo?".

Maybe I can't read between the lines (considering there's usually only one) but an e-mail that says nothing else besides "push the logo" doesn't quite mean...anything to me. Anyway, it's a bummer I guess. I need some b.s. money in the meantime so I think I'll deliver pizzas on weeknights at my friend's pizzaria or something :X

Also, I really thought no one would stumble onto my journal so fast because I never really touched it before, but some of you did (I also have never read anyone else's journals and didn't realize so many others regularly do). But now that I know I have a voice..I can begin my evil campaign for world dom--..

..I mean, uh, I seriously would like to fill up some of my free time working on some art. Does anyone have any projects or serious games they're working on? I'd love to collab - but only on something tangible, no dreamy vaporware! Btw, no charge for collaborations on games..small charge on non-game graphic services. ;)
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Hey, I need a tile background and a couple sprites for the project I'm working on. It's a space based multiplayer game, the details are in my journal. I don't think it qualifies as vaporware, but it is my project ;)

Either way sorry to hear about the job situation, being between jobs sucks. The pizza idea isn't bad though, delivery driving is only a couple hours a night and depending on the area the tips can be good. I've done it for some quick money before.

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How much web design have you done? Any samples of your work? I may have a project for you...

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I've been webdesigning for like 6 years. I can scrounge up some samples, but I think you can rest assured in my capabilities. I can make anything (if you're looking for someone to simply code PHP or ASP, however, you might want to ask someone else.)

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I wanna see some examples. I've seen too many so-called artists who aren't very good.

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Ah..didn't realize I'm potentially one of those groundless "so-called"'s. You can easily check my previously started threads if your Stafflyness feels the need to qualify me as an artist. In the meantime, here are two very old and conventional sites I created (+coded)..

Eleanor (local band)
Shortcurves (defunct project with friends)

Meanwhile, here is the current working layout (animated & interactive) for my graphic studio..

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