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seeing that Superpig has updated his Journal reminded me to post this :D

With in my group of friends I'm quite well renowned for having an ego the size of a small planet and while talking to my mate last night an brilliant idea came to me... a game where you do stuff with the pure power of ego!

I need to work on the specifics, if anything not to make it seem too much like Psyconaughts, heh, however its an idea which might have legs.

The main issue atm is how to lose/rechange ego, I'm considering centering it around self confidance in someway, so that when you do something well you gain ego and when you screw up in someway you lose some.

Probably going to be a 3D platformer type game (thus the Psyconaughts connection), it certainly strikes me as being a good way todo it, however 2D might well work as well.
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