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Bug Hunting For Great Justice!

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I didn't work as much as I had hoped to on porting the "starter.fps" demo from the original Torque Engine to the shader engine. Primarily because of sleep, calc 3 homework, the Auto Assault beta, and the premier of season 2 of Battlestar Galactica... Though I did get a few hours of work in, and here's what I've accomplished (then what I've figured out).

First I was able to get the orc textures to display; the problem was simply that one of the game's scripting files relied on a folder that wasn't there. Here's what the orc looked like after I changed this:

I had to re-enable shader materials to get the orc's material shaders to work correctly, which I disabled for reasons that I'll cover in a moment, but it was certainly worth it when I saw them in action:

Something about the model still strikes me as being a bit "off," but I'll tweak that a lot more when I get the rest of the demo working correctly. After I had accomplished this "feat" (remember: any victory, despite size, is a big victory when programming), I went back to focusing on fixing the "see-through" interior buildings. The only objects with this problem, which is basically that the buildings have taken a liking to using the skybox textures, are DIF interior files; which are, basically, a Torque equivalent to Quake MAP files... These are the files that Torque uses for its interior maps/components which are managed through a BSP scene management tree (just like the Quake games). I posted a picture of this yesterday, but here's a link to it for a quick recap. Anyway, I disabled the following lines in materials.cs (the demoMaterial function can be found below the commented-out lines):


function demoMaterial(%name,%dir)
%com = "datablock Material(Demo_"@%name@") {"@
"baseTex[0] = \"~/data/"@%dir@"/"@%name@"\";"@
"pixelSpecular[0] = false;"@
"specular[0] = \"1.0 1.0 1.0 0.1\";"@
"specularPower[0] = 32.0;"@
addMaterialMapping(%name, "material: Demo_"@%name);

Once I disabled these lines, I got the interior/DIF objects to look like this:

This image shows that the actual DIF skin is now in-game, but it is fighting with the previous "see-through" skin as before. Also, when I disable the lines above, the shaders on the orc cease to show up, which leads me to believe that the problem with the DIFs is related to materials. In short, the focus on my bug-hunt for this damn thing is getting narrowed down, and I'd expect that I'll figure out what's going on tomorrow. Then I can port over my GUI changes to this, and play around with the shaders.

Also, I'm looking for some help with some art assets for my game (very dark, very moody, kind of a mix of fallout/diablo/quake kind of thing) if anyone is feeling bored. Specifically, I need a bunch of buildings/textures for the prototype level I'm planning for the prototype work I'll be doing on the game. So if you're interested, just comment below. Off to bed.
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Indeed it does.

If only I could get a decent artist guy to help me actually create some badass original art. :P

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