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Nanodude: Chronic Zombitis

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Stephen R


I was away in the country with the familly for the past week. My brother had the foresight to bring the familly laptop with him which I'd borrowed last year when I went away, so it still had a small amount of my stuff hidden away on it. One of those things was the MinGW Studio installer. I had a C++ compiler, but I didn't have my trusty SDL or DX. It did have OpenGL though, and since I also had the Hugi coders special which had OpenGL tutorials I decided then was as good a time as any to learn.

And thus Nanodude: Chronic Zombitis was born:

I was kind of thinking of the GDNet contest when I came up with the idea, though I doubt I'm going to enter it. The demo I've linked to above is just a bare bones pre-alpha. It has most of the functionallity, but no level progression, menus, or anywhere near the amount of content I want to put in. It does though have 2 types of fully functional zombies, a powerup, and a lose condition so its marginally playable.

The story is simple: there is a plague of zombitis ravaging the world and there is no known cure. People who are effected by zombitis become zombies after a relatively short period of time. You are project nanodude, an experimental nanite designed to fight off both the rapidly reproducing and the aggressive zombitis cells. If you are successfull you will be mass produced and will save all of human kind. If you fail civilization will fall!

You have to protect the blood cells and yourself. Bloodsuckers (The small green guys) attach to blood cells destroying them to reproduce. The shredders (big green guys with red spikes) attack you, in an attempt to allow the bloodsuckers to spread the virus throughout the body. Movement with the arrow keys (movement is intentionally not like atreroid's momentum based movement) and you fire with the space bar. You lose if a shredder hits you or all the blood cells die.

And I know its been said before, but the internet is the greatest impediment to productivity ever. I just flew through the code for the nanodude demo, and its structure is better than a lot of my past code. In fact if I hadn't been posting here I probably could have added a new bad guy or powerup or something. *Sigh* you can't live with it, and you can't live with out it.

Anyway check out the demo and let me know what you think.
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