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A quick hello!

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Right...well I'm not sure if I actually need the benefits of a GDNet+ account, but it makes me feel special anyway =).

I guess I should start by introducing myself, I'm Liam Gallagher, a 13 year old spotty, moody type of guy, and live in Dorset, England; there's not exactly an abundance of game developers down here so I guessed that I'd come to you lot for some help!

You'll probably be seeing me around the beginners board a bit, as I've only started learning C++ a week ago. I've been going at my own pace making sure I'm taking everything in and not skipping anything. I'm reading Beginning C++ Game Programming by Michael Dawson at the moment, and will probably post my progression and code snippets up here once I'm a bit more experienced.

Anyway, I'm off to take a look around the site, if anybody checks this, could you tell me why I can't change the board theme in my CP? It just tells me to subscribe (which I have...)

edit: ah woot, it's letting me now.

Cheers, check back soon.
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Dude, welcome. Sounds like you have a good plan. GDNet+ is awesome, but get yourself an avatar!

Welcome to Journal Land, rate++.


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haha, thanks very much! I've decided that I'll lay off the posting for a bit and get to know the boards better (rules etc.)
But as for the avatar situation, I'm hoping to get a really nice one done by my mate soon. Thanks again for the rating and comment =D

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welcome to the journals

Speaking of avatars, i'm long overdue for getting one myself.

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