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Entity Lighting

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I added the ambient voxel grid to the level object, and it definitely helps the character look registered in the scene.

The entity lighting is still not quite as smooth as I would like. I adjusted the math a bit when clamping the distances, and this helps a bunch.

Instead of doing

weight = 1 / ( max( 1, distance ) )

I'm now doing

weight = 1 / ( 2 + distance )

Which prevents small distances from being weighted too heavily. This helps quite a bit.

I experimented with making the sampling voxel grid more dense, but the smoothing function looks to make a bigger difference. The issue is not the # of levels of lighting that are possible, but the quick jumping between the levels as the character moves around.

Come to think of it, since I am doing a distance - weighted average, there is no need to exactly sample at voxel centers. I can sample wherever I like, and get a weighted value. I should be able to sample more densely to get smoother lighting, rather than making the voxel grid bigger.

Here's a shot of the latest :
Char in Shadow

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