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Will F


Haven't been getting much work done on my game lately. I've reached the point where most of the basic functionality is in place, but i'm not sure what direction I should go. I have a few fuzzy ideas, but I just don't have a clear vision of what I want the game to be like. I suppose it's time to actually do some thinking and then write a design document.

Learning OpenGL has also been a bit of a distraction, i'm still on the fence as to whether to use it here or just make some tech demos that I can use in a future project. While i've gotten a basic version of the game displaying with OpenGL, the fact that it was originally going to be completely 2D means I need to change much of the levels to make them more 3D - right now they're still tilemaps (which works, but isn't all that optimal of a solution).

Oh well, i'm just a bit frustrated because i'm at a crossroads and am not sure which direction to head.

I also watched the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica last night - that show is fantastic.
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I agree, Battlestar kicks ass. I like the Atlantis premier, but wasn't able to see the SG1 premier[crying] (damn my cable company!!!)

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