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Sup biotches. I'm just chillin, as ussual. And great news, for all of you on the edge of your seats... the turret code is fixed and finished! Wheee! Turns out it was updating it's x origin instead of it's real-time x value. So I just fixed that, and now I can make any turret anywhere I want with all variables set up in one line. Yaaay! Now I can get down to level building, and it's a straigh shot till the end... unless I want to make enemies that move, stop, and then fire, and then continue moving untill they fire again, ad infinitum. And then there's bosses, but they should be too hard...

... so now that I've jinxed that, lets talk about art! Bruckner has my new piece ready (Spector's action shot) and it should be ready for me as soon as he gets home this evening. I will, however, be out with my girlfriend tonight, so I will have to get it from him tomorrow. But for now, I have a screenshot to keep you all reading! And here she is...

Those space invaders move back and forth along their platforms, the thing in the air just shoots left, and the turret on top of the building shoots bullet out at a set rate. So that's all pretty cool, and all of that is destructable but will do you damage if you touch them. Then there are the platforms. The short one up high moves back and forth, the building you can walk through or stand on top of (to destroy the turret), and the ones that are solid colors are hard objects that you can hit you head on (where as the light blue broken ones you can jump up through.

So that's all good. Tonight I'm going to start building the level code. I'm going to start a seperate main.cpp so that when it's all finished I can just copy it into my current main file without having to destroy everything I've worked so hard for and spend alot of time with nothing to work with cause I don't know how to fix it's glitches. If that makes sense. Makes sense to me.

Also, I have to build destructibility into every class I have... I think... or maybe not...

I have to look into that one. Thinking about it now, I might not have to, but it would be safe to do anyway. Ugh, and I have to build in verticle scroll code into everything. And that's a pain in the ass. So, anyway, I have an arrangement now, so I'm going to bounce.


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