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And so the world is that bit more colourful...

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hey GD'ers

I had about 4 hours yesterday before I went out (hence the fact I left it till now to update) to go uber hardcore on my map editor. I managed to get one of my To-Dos done! I implemented a suface texturing function- basically you can edit the texture on the individual surfaces of the cube. Sorry, the following is a bit tedious but its really for my future reference [wink]

I have been thinking for a while how to implement a system to easily (or as easily as one can get for their first editor) texture the individual faces of the primitives. After writing down many different ideas I decided on what I feel was the simplest concept- to have a property window. Nothing to fancy- just a window that allows for keyboard input. Well, that was the first design until I decided to have as a multi-paged panel. This allows for catagories of properties- Polygon properties, Vertex properties and Texture properties. The joy of this concept is the ease of which to add new properties or catagories.
When you see the property window you may note it is very similar to the console; it is essentially a copy of my console code but modified for this purpose.

Anyway, I'm really proud of the following [smile]-

Here is your overall polygon property panel. At the moment it has nothing you can edit:

Over here, you have the vertex property panel. The vertex highlighted in red is the currently selected vertex in the world and the one highlighted in green is the one selected in the menu. You edit the 3 values using the 'SET:' command line:

And finally the whole point of the property window (The other bits were afterthoughts)- the face texture editor. Basically you scroll through the different faces of the polygon and then you can scroll through the 'texture pool' to select the texture you want on that face. The texture pool is the list of textures that the map uses that you load at 'edit-time' (to coin a phrase [smile]):

Heres the world view to show off a bit of multi-texturing within the world rendering [EDIT: I have fiddled around (Read: Followed a tutorial) with photoshop to create a slightly better texture, so heres the new one[smile]]:

And last but definitely not least is a quick view of the world in wireframe to show a bit of the basic geology my editor is capable of creating:

Sorry, quite a bit of the same thing as my other posts but I really wanted to update with my face texture editing [smile]

Anyway, its coming on ok. You may notice that the textures are mapped really crapply at the moment...this leads me onto the next section (Again, mainly for my benefit[smile])-

-Have more control on texture mapping (type of mapping, scewing, coords etc)
-Setup a multiple view port for the editor mode so you can see different views all at once.
-Get started on a lighting model (Lightmapping?)
-Drink Pimms

Over and out
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