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Today was horrible. No internet, no A/C.

Internet is back, and we finally paid the asshats running the building to turn on the AC for a few hours. So I guess it's a bit better.

I'm running on Deer Park alpha 2 now (codename for Firefox 1.1) and I have to admit, it's awesome.
You know how they kept saying they increased the performance of back and forward buttons? I always kept wondering, what the fuck? Who needs to spend a whole release on just a back button?
Then I tried the deer park build. Wow, back button really IS a lot faster... It's completely noticable.
Just when you think something silly like a back button can't really improve, they end up improving it.
(yes, this also reminds me of the back button exploit a year ago when you could run an arbitrary program by using the back button)
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we finally paid the Jews running the building to turn on the AC for a few hours

Seriously, referring to the "Jews" is a bit offensive.

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[This was a reply to Will F's comment that is now deleted... ]
No, they really are like that.
But okay, 'cause you insist, I'll change it.

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A bit my rating dropped probably because I used a racial slur above (now deleted). Guess people didn't realize I was trying to demonstrate that I found what you were saying as offensive as using that slur to describe your landlord.

Oh well, such is life - personally I think gamedev should just get rid of the whole rating system.

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I guess it was my fault for posting that your rating dropped. I don't know what it was before, but I hope my up rate can make up for it.

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not your fault at all - you probably didn't mean anything by your post

It's my fault that I forgot how sarcasm doesn't always come across well on the net - I should have been less controversial about it, but I wanted to make a point.

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And I went ahead and rated you up for being nice about it. You probably gained a few points out of the deal.

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