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Started messing around with Wings3D over the past day. Started with exploring the system, then made a cheesy battle ship in it. Won't be used, just more or less more experimenting with wings.

Figured I'd throw up some shots of my second model done in it.


There are around 10 errors in the above screen shots that are currently fixed, but didn't feel like reshooting. Also, you don't want to do full teselation unless getting it ready for use.
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What file formats can you export to using Wings3D? I need a good MD2 model maker, and I cant get milkshape to register, so I'm on the lookout.

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Nendo (NDO)
3D Studio (3DS)
Wavefront (OBJ)
Renderware (RWX)
FBX (on Windows and Mac OS X)

In addition there is a plugin to export to PovRay apparently. Also, the fact you can export to OBJ or 3DS pretty much opens you to using almost any format you want with an intermediate program.

Remember, Wings3D isn't an animation system, or a level designer. So anything complex that needs animaition your going to need to look elsewhere. Personally I won't need animations (true 15fps frame markers to interpolate from) for a long time so it's not really a concern for me.

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