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No graphics card, but I'm 99% of the way there.

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So, I got my gig of RAM (GB Micro, but eh), desk, monitor, wireless-g router & adapter (replacing for a USB version as to leave room for the PCI tuner on Monday), PCI TV tuner, other crap I can't remember. I'm pretty happy now. I can sit in my room, do whatever I want and look at whatever I want. [wink]

Anysuch, I'm just relaxing to some tunes and awaiting 10 o'clock. Why 10? Why, my mother is coming to pick me up for the village Irsh Pub night (Pig N' Whistle - don't ask). I'll have a drink or something, get out for a while, go home, sleep, and continue my regular anti-social behaviour. [grin]

Well, I best get in the shower shortly.


- Yosh Out.
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