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Butterfly #001: A New Hope. err.. Beginning.

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Okay, so this is the start of a new beginning. Or the beginning of a new start. Or something like that.

In light of this, the entry numbering system will be reset. I'm changing the desc to "How to catch 1000 butterflies" or some crap like that. I'll probably end up changing it a lot, but I'll try to keep the 1000 butterfly theme going. I decided on 1000 because 100 is too little and 1000 is a round number. Like a circle. And circles are round.

Additionally, I'm bringing back all the old good things:
  • Random Observations of the Day!
  • More pictars!
  • Less stupidity more funnay!
  • Entry numbars!

So basically, out with the lame, in with the same. Err... tame? game? something. Whatever. Its going to be good.

Tiem to make a new poast!
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