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Butterfly #002: Retail (1)

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  • Random Observation of the Day!
    Working in retail sucks. A lot. A lot a lot.

Well, for all my dedicated readers, you know I work at Target. Which is like Walmart except less evil.

Anyway, so I work there, on the sales floor. Which essentially means I'm a professional shelf organizer.

The good part is the employers (oh, sorry, we call them "team members") are mostly chicks, so I get to flirt all day while I work. I guess you could call it a perky perk.

Which reminds me: so its after hours, and we're "reshopping" (basically, putting misplaced items back on the correct shelf), and I'm looking through a cart of items for easy stuff, and I pull out a box. I look at it (I'm tired and zoning off) and it turns out to be a breast pump.

So I'm like "omfgwtfbbq" and by now the girl next to me noticed it and is like "lol" so you know, I grab some other stuff to hide it while I restock it (lest someone see what I had)

So I'm walking down the aisle to put it back, which was all the way across the store (200m), and I run into a guy with a hand-held item scanner thingamabob and he starts taking my stuff and scanning it (to see where its supposed to be).

So he gets to the box, he takes it, and just stares for a sec trying to figure it out. So I help him by interjecting "its a dual-breast pump" and he goes "lmao" and grabs his walkie-talkie, and asks "Does anyone know where the breast pumps go?"

Several moments of silence pass, and we're rofling, and someone finally responds "no". It went on aisle N17 (as his scanner showed us).

So yeah, that's todays story. The moral: don't work retail otherwise you'll try to brighten your mundane job with mundane stupidity.
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