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Well at the end of each chapter of Beginning C++ Game Programming, I was hoping to do a largish piece of code with everything I learnt in the chapter included, I managed this for Chapter 1 but couldn't be assed for 2, I'm now half way through 3.

To make up for this, and to check that I can still remember all the correct syntax, I'm going to be creating some code and posting it here, for you to critisize at your own will =D.

Maybe if I have enough time, and schoolwork doesn't get in the way I'll create one large program combining all 3 pieces of code. This might be an idea for the beginning of the summer hols, and who knows, by September I may actually be decent at programming and have a bit of respect on these here boards!

I guess I may aswell post the Chapter 1 code here, this is all created by me, and is not a finished piece of code. Just a showcase of my progress:
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