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Basic code.

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Well at the end of each chapter of Beginning C++ Game Programming, I was hoping to do a largish piece of code with everything I learnt in the chapter included, I managed this for Chapter 1 but couldn't be assed for 2, I'm now half way through 3.

To make up for this, and to check that I can still remember all the correct syntax, I'm going to be creating some code and posting it here, for you to critisize at your own will =D.

Maybe if I have enough time, and schoolwork doesn't get in the way I'll create one large program combining all 3 pieces of code. This might be an idea for the beginning of the summer hols, and who knows, by September I may actually be decent at programming and have a bit of respect on these here boards!

I guess I may aswell post the Chapter 1 code here, this is all created by me, and is not a finished piece of code. Just a showcase of my progress:

//Testing what I learnt in Chapter 1.

using namespace std;

int main()
cout << "Battle Aftermath.\n\n";

const int UNDEAD_EXP = 25;
int undeadKilled = 7;
int undeadPoints = UNDEAD_EXP * undeadKilled;
cout << "Undead Points: " << undeadPoints << ".\n";
cout << "Congratulations, you have slain " << undeadKilled << " undead beasts and gained " << undeadPoints << " Experience points!" << "\n\n";

const int HUMAN_EXP = 10;
int humansKilled = 16;
int humanPoints = HUMAN_EXP * humansKilled;
cout << "Human Points: " << humanPoints << endl;
cout << "Congratulations, you have slain " << humansKilled << " human gladiators and gained " << humanPoints << " Experience points!" << "\n\n";

const int ALLIES_EXP = -10;
int alliesKilled = 4;
int alliesPoints = ALLIES_EXP * alliesKilled;
cout << "Allies Points: " << alliesPoints << endl;
cout << "Although you battled well for your team, " << alliesKilled << " members were brutally massacred, putting a burden of " << alliesPoints << " experience on your team..." << "\n\n";

int totalPoints = undeadPoints + humanPoints + alliesPoints;

enum armour {LEATHER = 10, CHAINMAIL = 20, PLATEMAIL = 40};
armour myArmour = LEATHER;

cout << "You have earnt the right to a new set of armour.\n" << endl;
cout << "1 - I'll keep my armour thanks.\n";
cout << "2 - I'll upgrade to Chainmail please! (" << CHAINMAIL << " points)\n";
cout << "3 - I'll upgrade to Platemail please! (" << PLATEMAIL << " points)\n";

int choice;
cout << "Choice: ";
cin >> choice;

switch (choice)
case 1:
cout << "You have chosen to keep your current armour.\n";
case 2:
cout << "You have chosen to upgrade to Chainmail!\n";
case 3:
cout << "You have chosen to upgrade to Platemail!\n";
cout << "Please choose a number from 1-3\n";

return 0;

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Recommended Comments

I like the way you are going about learning. I certainly started off and progressed in a similar way to you when I first started out. Yea, always go at your own pace.

One thing I would say about your chpt1 code is that the enum is within the main() function. I suggest giving the enum a global program scope rather than just the scope of the main() function (in other words place it at the top, outside the braces of main()). The thing is, when you get onto functions and later onto modular programming you will not be able to access the enumerations from the other functions other than the function that the enum is in the scope of. If that makes any sense at all [wink].

But apart from that, pretty slick [smile]

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ah yeah, I see what you mean. Thanks for the tip, luckily for this piece of code I only need it in that scope though. It's actually very good of you to tell me, otherwise I probably would have got some logical errors later on and not had a clue, for being helpful I rated you plus :)

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