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Look, it's the worst mouse ever!

Worse than the the original TRS-80 mice that had steel balls and used trimmer-pots to get position information. And when the pot reached its high or low limit, the ball wouldn't roll anymore. That mouse had the excuse of being one of the first commercial mice ever made and was made long before people knew how mice should actually work.

Worse than the iMac's original round hockey-puck mouse. That mouse at least had a $5 third party snap-on gizmo available that'd make it reasonable to use.

Worse than the original NeXT mouse, which was similarly made by a design firm and was designed to look cool with no thought given to what it was like to actually use.

Click for a triumph of form over function.

Don't forget to also read the head-scratching description.

I must have one, if only so that ten years from now when people are waxing nostalgic about really bad computer ideas, I can proudly say that I've got one.

It'll be in my closet next to my CueCat :)

That is to say if it ever gets made. Looks like it's basically a concept right now. It must be made so I can bask in its awfulness in person!
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Yes it took my brain a few seconds to reconcile what it was seeing when I looked that that rendering the other day.

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In the beginning, I thought it was a desktop wallpaper or something. Looked kinda cool. Then I realized they actually want you to use the damn thing.

1) How's one supposed to hold that shoehorn?

2) How's supposed to right-click things with a one-button mouse? Turn on keyboard mouse?

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