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Well, today is my day off, but I may just do some stuff anyway. I've been wanting to put a throwing dagger in the game as a weapon, so I grabbed this model & texture from Outhouse Software, and put it in a test level.

My entity system right now is more set up for humanoid actors, than inanimate objects, but it went in fine. It's cool that it even casts a shadow! When the game loads in an entity model, it grabs the bounding box, and use that to fit an collision ellipsoid around the object. Seems to work fairly well for the dagger, as I can push it along by walking into it, or walk over it.

I need to actually hook up the inventory system at some point. Right now there is a vector of object ids that your character is carrying, as well as a slot for current weapon & shield. I need to change the slot system so that it has slots for head, left & right hands, etc.

For the control scheme, the plan is left click uses the item in the left hand, right click uses whatever is in the right hand.

Soon I will make your character pick up objects he runs over, and add them to the inventory. Come to think of it, I should probably add the inventory display to the status window as well.

Here is a shot of the dagger in game. Wow, I really need to add specular to the entities; right now they are all diffuse.

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