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I ran my first 10 mile race today. I got a time of 1h 42, not amazing but it was an awesome experience (if hardcore).

I also bought DESTROY ALL HUMANS for the PS2. If you don't own this game, it's worth grabbing (cost GBP20 from Game). It's excellent and has the voice of ZIM

Oh, I also bought Game Coding Complete Ed 2, it's pretty decent - maybe it'll help me iron out all my shitty architecture problems.
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you bought a game and a book during a race

[lol] I'm wondering where he plugged the PS2 in to play the game [oh]

I also bought Game Coding Complete Ed 2

Let us know what you think of it when you've read most/all of it [grin]

I never took to those game coding type books as I always thought the general software engineering texts were probably better (older/mature maybe?!)


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I recently bought Game Coding Complete, 2nd Edition as well.. So far, I like it :) (about 1/4 through it). It helped me a bit in some of my problems.

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