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Nanodude Beta

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Stephen R


I got most of the work I wanted to get done today on the game done. It now significantly more playable. I have randomly generated backgrounds, new powerups, a main menu, text, score system and levels. Here's how it looks:

You can download it here, and at 55.7KB how can you go wrong? Tomorrow I'm going to implement the highscore board, which shouldn't take that long. Its only since I've started using OpenGL that I've realized how usefull a resource NeHe actually is, it would have taken me ages to get fonts running had it not been for his site.

What it really needs now though are sounds and music, which always make the difference between a demo and the finished article. Once they are in I'm going to start the playtesting. I already have a few guys testing it for me, but thats just to make sure there are no glaring mistakes. I need a larger test group before I can start making educated number tweaks.

Anyway, check out Nanodude and don't forget to leave a comment!
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Recommended Comments

Pretty good for 112k. Tough though [grin].

Needs fancy weapons and more bad guys. Perhaps being able to move around a larger area?

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*takes note*
Fancy weapons, check.
More bad guys, check.

I'll come up with some more interesting weapons to be picked up, possibly homing rockets or something like that, they'd be fun to use.

I want to add more bad guys, but its just a case of coming up with a few bad guys that aren't too similar. They aren't difficult to add anyway.

I don't really want to make the game world bigger because that changes the dynamic a bit too much. Especially when one of the primary goals is to protect the blood cells.

Keep the comments coming.

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Wow, thats a fun little addictive game you have there.

I ended up playing for about a half hour before I tore myself away.
Got up to 3450.

It gets REALLY hard to catch up when one or two of the zombie cells replicate.

Maybe you can add a secondary limited weapon like a "cleansing nova" that you release and it expands outword from you and turns any zombie cells back to red blood cells. Maybe only usable once per level.

Also, those spikes get fast.

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Nothing like hearing people say they enjoy your game [smile].

I like the idea of the limited use map cleanser. I think I'll have to steal it, though I don't think I'll turn them back into blood cells.

My brother has the record of getting to level 8. It gets really hectic at that level. I might have to make it get difficult at a slightly slower rate.

Thanks for the comments, keep em' coming!

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