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And some more

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Ugh, I woke up regretably late this morning. I lost alot of good time. I did get all I wanted to get done on the project however. Picked up the new concept art, arranged a possible sprite artist, and started the level code. As for the code, the header file is complete, as well as initializations for things like the constuctors and useless things are complete. The actual filler should be done by Wednesday. Which would be sweet...

...cause I left an enemy type (maybe the most complicated type) out of my plans. Should be fine though, cause it's just my patrolling enemy plus the bullet code, both of which are stable. That's ok, it won't set me off schedule. And I don't even need to do it with immediacy.

But anyhow, the concept art. The action shot of Spector is ready...

I'm not happy with the scan quality, but the image is one of Bruckner's finest. This is my second favorite next to the normal standing post of Wasp. Spector should make a great nemesis.

As for sprite artists, I talked to Bruckner about illustrating out sprites and having another artist I know taking the scanned images and making them into usable .bmps. We'll see how it goes. I still need to flesh out the plans, but I have time for all of that as it comes.

Well, this was longer than I intended. More images of whatever I feel is convenient tomorrow. Peace!

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