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Light Bomber Wings3D

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Yup, it's offical. I should not be allowed to model. Anyways, spent some time today, around 1-2 hrs (wasn't sure when I started). Came up with a light bomber/heavy figther. It's actually smaller then the previous ship, and that's something I need to work on, ensuring that the models are working off the scale for what the default size is. (based on the height of a human.)

Anyways, I got around to color coding certain areas.
*Blue is the general area the windshield is (viewport? no wind in space? :D)
*Purple are mounting points for turrets.
*Yellow is the engines (I hope this is obvious)
*Red is the docking ring. (need to make a standard docking design)

And for kicks, this is the starting shape for this model and the previous model. Everything is subdivided/extruded/flatented/tightened/collapsed from this shape.
start shape

Feedback is welcome. If you have any questions on how to do things I'll try to answer.

Edit: Triangles = 734
This could be reduced by taking detail from the engines/docking port and top of the ship. Probably could get it down to ~600 polys.
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