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I'm going to attempt a new project

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I enjoy both kinds of RPG, computer and console. The only console RPGs that I enjoy are those of 16-bit systems (and maybe the Game Boy Advance) however. One of my favorite games ever is Chrono Trigger, and I don't think that it will be too far beyond my skill to make an RPG in that vein. Think, somewhat tile based but with a free object layer (put objects anywhere), Anime style art, and characters that are something like 64 * 96 pixels (or at least they would be on my 1024*768 monitor), ATB style battles, a separate Experience and Tech system, and the ability to do team attacks. I don't plan on using 1024*767*32 though, I was thinking
320*240*256 since that's the closest to the super nintendo (which used 256x224 resolution and either 15-bit or 8-bit color), but since everything looks better on a TV I may use 640*480*256 for my monitor (try playing an SNES game on your computer in fullscreen 1024*768 mode to witness this). I think the easiest option would be to use 640*480*16 though. You get that nice, grainy low-res look and then only use 256 colors so you don't have to mess with palettes.

It will be programmed in C++, and I will use object oriented techniques. I would program it for the SNES and assembly for the 65c816 cpu if I could, but I don't know much about that processor and few would ever play it then :(

This is pretty much what I'm good at:
Programming, Two-Dimensional Art, Creating Music, and fictional writing.

I'm also doing a 2D RPG because I don't like 3D. If Chrono Trigger was 3D I wouldn't like it as much because it would leave less to the imagination. I dislike photo-realistic graphics (guess I'm weird), but I can appreciate 3D if it's cel-shaded.

I wish these 2D games would stay around forever, but I know that eventually even handhelds are going to move past them

Okay. That was a totally jumbled rant/overview. It's kind of late over here right now and I'm not thinking straight so I'm probably going to go to bed. I may reorganize/repair this mass of words when I am more lucid.
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