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Ok, so I didn't get to exactly where I wanted to. I'm having some issues with Torque2d and I needed to step away in order to get a fresh look at what I was doing. So I went to do laundry (wee, fun).

But what I did accomplish this weekend:

I got the server to do non-blocking character input while running so I could shut it down properly.
I fixed a few bugs in the MySQL wrapper I wrote.
I coded in all the communication code up to actually entering the game, and debugged it.
I created all the menu screens and dialog boxes from the main menu to the "choose your character" screen in Torque2d, which is all filled dynamically by the server.
I can log into the server and create a new character from Torque2d.

I'm having a wierd issue with the parsing of a particular message on the t2d side that I need to figure out before I can get to the actual game screen. I'll debug it tommorow after work and figure out whats wrong.

So even though I didn't reach my goal, I still feel like I accomplised a lot.

Plus I played some Nanodude, which is a really cool game by stro.
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