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Beta Version 3.0

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Morning all =)

So, we have finally reached beta version 3.0

What is so good about 3.0 you might ask?


1. Save/Load system implemented
2. Dialogue revised/spellchecked
3. Mana well trickle charges mana
4. lots of bugs fixed

the only major components that are still outstanding are...

1. The intro cinematic
2. The credits cinematic

and of course, the beta functions without them =D

this week, testing will begin on v3, and I will be working on improving the graphics and audio adaptors.

who will be testing v3?

well, Seriema is apparently away for a while, and rob loach is away as well.

So I have chosen one new beta tester for the present:


YAY!!!! =)

he will likely be the first person to beta v3
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