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Balanced Weapons

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When I said I wanted balanced weapons, this wasn't what I meant!


You can see the dagger from yesterday. I made its handle non-shiny, and added the option to do overbright reflections on things, up to 2.0.

The new weapons, the throwing axe and the scimitar aren't embedded in the ground, they are resting on their sides in an unrealistic manner.

This is due to the fact that right now my simplistic physics system works for axis-aligned ellipsoids only. It's not hard to change that to oriented ellipsoids via a simple 3x3 rotation matrix, which I plan to add soon.

But, it brings up the point that it seems I will have to make the physics system a bit more complex than I originally intended. I've spent today researching the Separating Axis Test again, and oliii's excellent examples, and Eberly's Game Physics book.

All I want to have in this game for sure physics-wise is

a) good character-environment collision - have this already with ellipsoid vs triangle soup system

b) ellipsoid/OOBB vs ellipsoid/OOBB with rotation

Rotation is the odd man out right now, but I don't think it will be hard to add. I actually had rolling spherical bolders in there at one point a few months ago. They were sort of a hack, but they sure looked cool.

My short term goal is to add the ability to throw a throwing knife or axe, have it rotate in the air as it moves, and embed itself in certain materials ( and leave a mark ) depending on whether it hits head or handle first.

One hack I thought of to fixed the finely balanced weapons was rather than supporting OOBBs ( which I should do anyway ), I could still use ellipsoids, but just detect if they are resting on their thin side, and if so, give them a nudge one way or another.
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