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Sooooo I got lost today.

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Today at work I got horribly lost trying to pick up product for a customer. The supplier that I was getting then material from was in a town called Podunk...I found this midly humerous as I was in an angered state from being lost. So after 5 hours on the road today the morale of the story is this: "Retail sucks, get your damn degree in comp sci so you don't have to sell rocks anymore."

In Delphi news I am currnetly programming an Effects class. This class is slightly complicated and will be used to apply any type of offensive or defensive effect. From dealing a simple amount of damage to creating graduated attribute buffs, this class is going to describe it all. No doubt this will take me a considerable amount of time to implement right, only to find that I've done it all wrong.

Yes, I sell rocks.
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