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On writing.

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I love to write. I started a novel about two years ago, but that was my first endeavor into writing, and I wasn't really all that happy with the results. As with anthing, the more you do it the better you become.

My first bit of work has a lot wrong with it i'm sure. That's why I think i'm going to start a fresh new novel and hope for the best.

From all that i've read, publishing your first attempt at a novel is a rare thing, which is why i'm looking at it as a learning experience. This isn't to say that i'm going to completely abandon my first novel. I still like the story, and the more I write, the more i'm sure I can improve its quality, but for now I think it shall remain a learning experience tucked away on my harddrive and in my closet.

Writing is one of my favorite things, along with programming. This is a bit of a curse in itself. With these two different interests, I can't ever decide what I want to do, and to this point, I haven't really done much constructive. I think that I need to somehow learn to divide my time between the things I love and set aside chunks of time for each.

Some people might like this sort of diversity, but sometimes I wish that it could be either/or, you know?

Ah well, there's my braindump for the day.
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More or less it's about new technologies, Russian and US conflicts flaring up again, and an attempt for one country to stay a step ahead of the other.

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