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The pain continues...

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Day didn't start so bad today... Sarah winked at me on the lobby [wink].

Speaking of lobby, had a talk with my bud Spencer. He tells me there is a lot of suits coming in and out recently. I can't exactly say if that is a good thing...

Last company I was at went down, and I do remember a phase where a lot of suits where coming in and out. On the other hand, whenever we get a good big client, the same also happens, and cause no one tells me anything arround here, I'm allways left in doubt.

Anyways, James, the new assistant director for the machines has asked me if I want to sit in on a simulation run for a central europe nuclear fallout run. Our frame will be spewing out lots of data, and I'll be the one on the backup end of it all, but at least this time I'll get a chance to see the data, instead of just collecting files.

Been here for for a long time now, at least that's what it feel to me, and it's good to have someone with a bit more clout take an interest in me... this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... :)
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