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I have followed your Infinity project for a few years now and you never sieze to amaze me with your constant progress. You are an inspiration for others and I just wish I could contribute to your "Elite" game. Well well... I'm looking forward reading your next update.

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Thanks alot, indeed!
This really adds a lot of depth and atmosphere.
I guess, I'll have to rework my own starfield now...
(and "Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl" means to ask for something without explicitely saying it).

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Thanks for the comments, they are very much appreciated :)

I've adjusted the contrast and photoshopped a planet on the background, just to have an idea of what it'd look like:

Now i'm moving on to two different problems:

1. Keeping a constant framerate when a background thread is running (the one generating the starfield textures).

2. Generating the planet's textures procedurally (i've already done some work before, but i now need to integrate and finalize everything).

Another area of work that i will start soon (or in parallel with the previous twos) is atmosphere shading/lighting from space.

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Dear gawd, man!

I'm not a graphics programmer and don't think I ever will be. I just write systems, data structures, etc. in my spare time that I'm not writin' code for a paycheck. But that video is damn pretty. If you're ever interested in taking part in something... open-eneded, let me know. I could use a great graphics guy. ;-) PM me =)

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