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mcd ballgame pics

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playing in a local company baseball tournament - mcd's of course. truro's got 2 and 1 and i don't know about the rest - but i'm assuming new glasgow's probably the same. the other teams suck bad!

we got a 2 hour break in the tournament, so i figured i'd come home and grab a bite instead of spending my (lost and found!) grocery money on a mac or something. well its 2h and i wanted to grab a pic of the facepainting that one of the girls did for me.

Current Mood: Pumped [grin]

if you're wondering if i'm dead or not - well i'm not. i'm playing alot of metroid prime (and after i finish that, wind waker) and in between i'm relearning c# and winforms. i've got a book coming in next friday or before, Windows Forms Programming in C# by Chris Sells. don't be fooled by the price - it cost me $81.31can total. i managed to remember how to unlock Main() in a windows forms project:

instead of

public static void Main (string[] params)
Application.Run (new MainForm());

which binds the main loop on you, instead you go

public static void Main (string[] params)
using (MainForm mainForm = new MainForm())
while (mainForm.Created)

and you add your code around that. it would probably be wise to just make a MainForm.Logic() function and add it and MainForm.Invalidate() after the MainForm.DoEvents() call. anyways. i better get eating.
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