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Ported TagLib to Visual Studio 2003

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Well I managed to get taglib built and working against the example application in Visual Studio 2003. Though that might not sound like much, I'm not at all used to working with make files and such and in this instance completely ignored them, that and I am (but increasingly less so) rusty with C++ stuff.

Should be useful for both the 4E4 entry, plus the stuff I'm doing for work if I can wrap the dll for C#, if grabbing metadata from music files ever becomes real necessary.

So why is it important for the 4E4 entry? Well I want to be able to properly credit any musicians work that I use in my entry (currently I'm using just the one, but still), and rather then have a seperate metadata file including artist and song information about each track I thought it would be great if the game could pull metadata straight from the music file itself.

I'm planning in incoporating it into a Ogre sound plugin I've seen the source code kicking around for. May be sourceforge it or just post it on the ogre forums when done, I dunno. Probably after the contest in anycase.

Ogre has just recently released another version update, so I guess I'll have to get that and build it at some point.

I went off on a tangent as far as that music stuff went, partially due to not having the laptop so not having a nice big screen to do Blender stuff on. But now that and my lovely wife are back from their travels I get some visual content done.

I get a feeling though that this contest thing would be alot more fun if I had other developers involved, still I don't know anyone personally who would be interested - and no one I don't know won't be interested in letting me take lead I expect [wink] It's alright, it's all a big learning experience for me anyway, will be nice to submit whatever I do and know that large chunks of the entry are mine.
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