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Losing weight

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Had a stomach bug for most of last week, so I haven't gotten anything done lately that actually required any thinking.

However, I think I was more sick than I realized at the time. I ate just about nothing and ended up losing almost 10 pounds over the course of a week. Which is actually pretty nice as not that long ago I was thinking that I wouldn't mind losing 5 or 10 pounds - not that I really needed to, but it's got me thinking. If I can just get myself to get out and get some more exercise and build up a little more muscle I'd be stoked.
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Certainly beats dieting :)

It's yuck when you're ick - just think how you would have coped being sick and also having 3 puking children and! a sick hubby all at the same time!...that was the worst 5 days of my life...

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