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Horrible Moment Number 28

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So, there I was, making screen shots for More OpenGL Game Programming when it occurs to me that, while I trust my formulas to be right I should probaly compare the per-vertex and per-fragment lighting to what OpenGL throws out.

So, a few extra lines added, two commented out and a program run later and I was crying into my drink as the two images didnt look at the same and as its unlikely that OpenGL is calculating the lighting wrong that means that I screwed up somewhere... oh joy [sad]

I then spent ages checking and yes, everything looked right and I couldnt understand what was wrong, so I did one last compare between my code and someone elses and finally the answer hit me, I was dropping infomation too early in the process, instead of maintain a vec4 for the eye coordinate position of the vertex I was chopping it to a vec3, this then seemed to muck up the vector to the vertex from the light which was shafting my lighting... a quick fix and a pray to the gods of Gamedev.net and lo! it did work and I was a slightly happier phantom [grin]

So, I'm pretty much ready to send Dave the stuff, I just need to produce a couple of diagrams and then re-read everything to make it reads right and doesnt look like I've just copied and pasted huge chunks from the GLSL spec (the only problem with trying to explain a language is that there are only so many ways to explain it and my own language sounds a bit like the spec... meh...).. which ofcourse I havent done [grin]
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WTH? I don't recall getting any prayer forms from you...that must mean... YOU HEATHEN! How dare you worship another GameDev God!

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