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Idea for gamedev

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Will F


I'm beginning to think that you should need to have your user name approved by the gamedev moderators/staff with 2 rules:

1) If you want a name like OpenGL_Guru, CodeGod, openglexpert, or bitchslapmaster (actual user names) - you must demonstrate that you have the competence in the area you are describing to live up to that name.
Though it would probably be best to trust that bitchslapmaster is actually a master of the bitch slap rather than find out. However, if I was a mod I probably wouldn't consider that to be an acceptable user name.

2) No names in all caps. Though some exceptions could be allowed - TANSTAAFL comes to mind as acceptable.
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You just reminded me, about 4.5 years ago, I registered a user named WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. 25 capital W's to be exact.

Pity I can't remember the password.

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I forgot to mention why I thought of this in the first place. MrPoopypants. However, MrPoopypants does have more than a thousand posts in the forums and has managed a rating of 1013.

However, doing a member search for the term poopy reveals that there is also a Mr Poopypants and a poopy69. Neither of which have a significant amount of forum posts.

I wonder how many other ridiculous names are out there?

Doing a member nick name search for sex reveals a few - i'm trying to decide if the best (or worst depending on your perspective) is JapaneseSexMaster or Sexay_Hamster, or perhaps DirectSex.

I'm a bit surprised that there were only 9 containing the word fu__ (use your imagination to fill in the two blanks).

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