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My game in PC Gamer

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So I was reading through my favorite game magazine (PC Gamer) they ran a cover story about RTS games...my favorite type of game....so I was reading through the article and spotted the word "Gang Wars" and was like...damnit some asshole stole my game's name! It turns out to be my game! I couldn't believe it. Even though they got the name wrong as some people do...it's "Gang War", not "Gang Wars"...oh well :-D

The intro of the article stated:
"We've taken the liberty of handpicking around 25 of the biggest, best, and most innovative upcoming titles. This is the very best of a genre that's redefining the PC-Gaming experience" My game was the 9th one they listed in the article :D

Here's what they said :-) (Page 49-50, September 2005 Issue)

"For the ultimate down and dirty experience, however, Radioactive-Software's Gang Wars may be the game that's so in your face it's criminal, literally.

Simply put, Gang Wars, looks like a cross between a conventional RTS and Grand Theft Auto. Rival gangs are competing for turf with the ultimate goal being to expand your territory all over the city. You do this by robbing, drug traffiking, extortion, and engaging in other underground activities, earning enough money to buy new guns, cars, and maybe even some legitimate businesses.

But the twist is that at any point during the game you'll be able to jump into the body of one of your little capos and do whatever you want. At this point the gameplay switches from strategy to action, and much like GTA, you can run around the city mugging citizens or carjacking expensive vehicles. The game is still in eary development, so we haven't seen how Gang Wars action and strategy elements will affect each other, but it's definatly a title we'll continue to watch with interest." - PC Gamer

I couldn't beleive it when I read that...first time I've seen my game/company in any sort of print, and it was totally random and unexpected :-) and in my favorite magazine I've been reading for like 5-6 years.

I was reading through the article wishing that my game could some day be in a magazine like this...and then BAM there it was?!

Here's some info on how the game's coming along...

When the player is in the strategic view, they'll see their commands as in the image on the left. Once the player takes control of a gangster they'll view the commands that they gave earlier as an order and they'll be presented with a marker over the location they're supposed to move/rush/patrol/etc.

It will be much more interesting as you're riding in a car driven by one of your gang members, to a hit that you have to do accross town. :-D

- Dan
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That's the dream, man. You should email them and offer to send along a little demo, see if they'll write you a preview. That should get you a publisher no problem.

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I've already got a publisher :-)

Strategy First

There was actually a full page review of their latest release in the same issue...so I guess I'll get the same treatment once the game is released...eeeep I gotta make this game perfect or they'll rip me a new asshole lol.

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You're getting press alongside the big boys now. If I were you, i'd consider trying to get ahold of whoever wrote that and keep in touch with them - give him/her a demo before anyone else, maybe some inside info on the game, make sure they're aware of this developer journal - anything that might get you some more press. The best advertising is free advertising.

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You totally deserve it from what I've read in here and seen through your screenshots.

Just a word of warning, Strategy first has been known in the past to declare bankruptcy, refuse to pay developers any more royalties for their game, and continue to sell it.

It happened to the guys who made Uplink. Introversion software.

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From what I've seen though they're taking care of all of that and have their stuff together. They have posted news about this on their site.

I'm happy to be working with them, they believed in me when no other publishers would long before the game even looked close to the way it does now.

Having a publishing contract is what allowed me to take time off school and focus on the game.

So I'm going to have faith in them.

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I'm not telling you to not do business with them, I just didn't know if you were aware of the things floating around about them. In all likelyhood you will have a good relationship with them, and they will sell a lot of copies of your game :)

But it never hurts to be cautious.

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You're right. It's always good to be aware of things like this. I do appreciate your looking out :-)

I think it's good to have a publisher like Strategy First to help dispell the idea that my game is a "GTA clone", hopefully people won't write it off as that...and they'll see that the game has much deeper micromanagment options, and that it's a RTS game at heart.

It seems like this would be one of the major obstacles I would have to overcome in terms of attracting people to the game. But if they want a GTA clone...it's got that aspect too...but I don't use the open-ended factor in the way GTA does...every action you perform in the world will have other strategic impacts/consequences you'll have to deal with.

In GTA you make your own route from pre-planned cutscene to pre-planned cut-scene...In my game you are able to shape/determine every aspect of the rise/fall of your gang at every level.

- Dan

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Wow, that's freaking awesome. I hope that happens to me some day :)

That ~sorta happened to me when I found out that my engine was being ported to nex gen systems when I did a google search on the "Starbreeze Engine." :P

So I assume that strategy first is paying you to keep constant development?

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Well Strategy hasn't paid me anything...if they gave me money I wouldn't be an Independent Developer :-)

I like it this way, totally self funded/supported.

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